Be more than you imagined

Realise Your Potential

At Nikini, we value honesty, curiosity, communication, teamwork, dedication and respect.

If you bring us your best, we will offer you a collaborative and dynamic environment that encourages continuous learning and development and provides endless support of your success story.

Your Nikini career is made by you, so whether you are looking for an internship, graduate opportunities or a position that will leverage your past work experiences, you can shape your own path and contribute to the sustainable growth of an innovative industry leader.

The Nikini Difference

Be Included

We embrace diversity –whether it be different backgrounds, different life experiences, different expertise or a unique point of view; you can draw on support from all levels of the business and be truly involved and make an impact at Nikini no matter your role. We are a flat structure with open doors to leaders, that encourage cross communication and gives you a voice to make the difference you want and deliver on the Nikini promise.

Be Inspired

What if…? Throughout our history, Nikini has been driven by our innate curiosity in all things automation. We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit while working collaboratively, both internally and with our customers. We are fortunate to have the industries best as our clients so you will be able to immerse yourself with the most exciting businesses in Sri Lanka and work alongside the brightest minds at Nikini .

Be The Best

At Nikini, we encourage continuous learning we will give you opportunities and flexibility to explore different paths so that you can create a career that matches your ambitions. We are committed to providing the right experience and coaching so that you can be the best. You are encouraged to work hard, embrace our values and focus on our customers. You will then be rewarded and motivated and can drive your career forward.



Friendly and supportive corporate culture.
Competitive package of benefits.
All applicable statutory benefits for all employees.
Employee sporting events.


Individual learning plans for all employees to foster development.
Leadership development program to grow leaders.
Blended learning philosophy which includes the right mixture of formal training, on-the-job learning and coaching.


Annual performance based incentive programs.
Annual merit increases.
Salary benchmarking to industry standards.

Job Vacancies

Open for Engineers




The Hiring Proces

Evaluate Resume

Our recruitment team reviews submitted resumes and evaluates them against the selection criteria.

Assess Skills

Candidates will undergo practical tests as well as behavioural interviews to assess cultural fit. Dependent on seniority, there might be 2-3 rounds of interviews.

Examine Background

Detailed educational and background checks to validate educational qualifications, previous employment and references.

Generate Offer

When you are successful in the hiring process, an offer of employement is provided. Congratulations!

General Tips

What to expect

Your Interview will take about an hour.

There’ll be two people interviewing you, a combination of your potential manager as well as a director.

You may be asked to sit for an aptitude test dependent on the role applied (which may take up to an hour).

Please note Nikini is open half days on Saturdays and if you join us you’ll be expected to work half days too.

Who we look for

Similar values with different backgrounds and skills.

Integrity is important to us so we are only looking for honest individuals able to respect our code of conduct.

We are also looking for hardworking and dedicated individuals. We always believe when fresh ideas and hard work interact, the innovative spirit is created.

We want you if you work well in a team and are respectful of each other. We want you to be happy to collaborate for the success of the company.

We want you to be passionate and excited about Nikini with determination and courage to lead.

Interview tips

Be prepared and well researched.

Practice the STAR technique when answering questions (Situation, Task, Action, Result).
Prepare a list of questions for your interviewers so you can assess whether Nikini is the right place for you.

Remember we are interested in the real you and are here to help you flourish.
Know key selling points of yourself and how your experience or aptitudes can lend itself to the position you are applying for.

Come at least 10 minutes early and present yourself in the best way possible.