We are
Inspired by purpose
Driven by passion


At Nikini, we are passionate about engineering and fans of automation.

We are a hardworking and honest team made up of creative individuals with
extensive engineering specialties and product experience achieved through an
unrelenting commitment to learning.

We have also partnered with the world’s best, to bring our customers products
and technologies that only serve to optimise their operations and provide them
with innovative automation solutions.

Let’s partner to build a better future together.

Our Company

  • Leading solutions provider of Industrial Automation

  • Over 30 years of local and international experience

  • Representative of over 26 world-class engineering brands in Sri Lanka and Singapore

  • Currently have 4 subsidiaries in the Nikini group of companies

Focus Areas

  • Sustainable Engineering & Innovation

  • Customized Industrial Automation including Marine & Software Development

  • Solar & Photovoltaic Solutions

  • Engaged & Talented People

Customer Commitment

  • Customers as our true north and the center of our business

  • Codes of conduct including anticorruption

  • Technical and productivity consulting

  • Service & maintenance upon completion

Our Capabilities

Nikini ’s capabilities consist of a diverse core of automation solutions and techniques. Nikini is at the forefront of our various fields and continuously. We are working hard to ensure our new factory and warehousing site is firmly a Green Campus.

The Nikini Difference

The Nikini Difference lies in our extensive experience with a variety of engineering specialities and product experience as well as our commitment to learn as much as possible about new technologies. We are also a hardworking and honest team that only have our customers objectives in mind with a singular goal of adding value to you.


At Nikini, we walk the talk. We believe the sun has the power to change the world and are committed to seeing Sri Lanka becoming 100% reliant on renewable energy starting from our own offices. Our headquarters and Learning Centre has been carbon neutral since their inception and we are working hard to ensure our new factory and warehousing site are firmly a Green Campus.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is in place to deliver on our vision to be the preferred industrial automation solutions partner in the South-east and South Asian Region by creating value for our customers through our leadership in Industrial Automation solutions. We follow four main principles to enable our strategy will be executed successfully:

  • Adapting to Change
  • Continuous Learning
  • Nurturing Talent
  • Intelligent Diversification



Upendra, Nikini’s founder and Chairman, invented his first ever automation application motivated by the need to solve the unforgiving issue of sleep deprivation caused by his first newborn who refused to sleep through the night due to a wet nappy. He invented a moisture detector that would alert him as necessary. Upendra credits the success of this application in steering him forward to establish Nikini.


Nikini Automation Systems (Pvt) Ltd was established in Sri Lanka as a trading company of industrial automation items. Parker Legris, leader of industrial components for fluid circuits was the first ever agency Nikini represented in Sri Lanka.


Successfully delivered Nikini’s first-ever industrial automation solution – a conveyor system to transfer tobacco leaves from lorries to the factory at the commencement of the tobacco production process.


Nikini Automation Systems (Pte) Ltd was established in Singapore.


Nikini Automation Services, a BOI company was established in Sri Lanka to design and manufacture state of the art automation machinery for companies approved by the BOI.


Nikini patented it’s Automated Tea Leaf Withering System and Tea Roller Pneumatics system.


Nikini Marine was formed to provide expert technical support to the Marine industry in Sri Lanka and has performed services to the Sri Lanka Naval Service and Colombo Dockyard Ltd by offering Engine Control Systems, Alarm Monitoring Systems and has also rendered engineering services by trouble shooting, installation, testing & Commissioning of systems.


Nikini established its headquarters at 249 High Level Road, Colombo, commissioning a first of its kind carbon neutral green building powered by solar.
First ever Net Metering agreement was made in Sri Lanka between Nikini and the Ceylon Electricity Board


Nikini was the first ever local company to install and commission successfully a complete airport ground lighting system in Sri Lanka at Maththala Rajapakse International Airport (MRIA) using ADB equipment and technologies.


Nikini Solar Installed the first ever 1MW rooftop solar PV system in Sri Lanka.

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